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Winter 2019
Faculty Presentations



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    Mon., Jan 21, 2019

    Mon., Feb 18, 2019



    Winter 2019

    Class Begin 01/07/2019

    Class End 02/28/2019

    Make-up Week  3/4 - 07


    Spring 2019

    Class Begin 04/08/2019

    Class End 05/30/2019

    Make-up Week  6/3 - 06


    Classes meet at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  The Fromm Institute office is open, Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and alternating Fridays. Please call if you plan to come by the office on Friday.



    Rothman - "America at the Crossroards"

    Seaborg - "Evolution Today"



    Rothblatt - "The Age of Extremes"




    Foglesong - "The Great Pianist"

    Bailey - "Putting it Together: The Architecture of the American Musical"

    Carcieri - "America Political Thought"

    Minninger - "Write a Way"


The Fromm Institute offers college level, non-credit courses in fine arts, humanities and sciences. Three times a year, in eight-week sessions, it offers such varied subjects as anthropology, architecture, art history, creative writing, history, law, literature, music, natural science, philosophy, political science and theology. These academic disciplines are represented by classes such as these that have been previously presented: “The Victorians,” “The Path from Pythagoras to Einstein,” “America on Stage & Screen,” “The Anthropology of Death & Dying,” “Novels Without Heroes,” “Famous Trials & Trial Lawyers,” “India & the British Raj,” “Motive & Meaning in African Art,” “The Romantic Poets,” “Living in a Digital World,” “Back to Bach,” “Cities Through the Ages,” “Awash in a Sea of Faith,” and “Traditions & Politics in Asia.”


Beginning at either 10 a.m. or 1 p.m., classes meet for 90 minutes on a scheduled day of the week, Monday through Thursday. For example, the sample class, “Shakespeare and His Contemporaries” might be placed in the Winter Session on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Having been scheduled then, it would meet for eight consecutive Wednesdays at one in the afternoon during January and February.


The Fromm Institute’s curriculum is created by asking our faculty of talented emeriti, “What would you like to teach?” With that question as its genesis, each session’s courses become both distinctive and diverse.


The variety of the topics presented is one of the hallmarks of the Fromm Institute program. Accordingly, our professors are never assigned to teach a particular topic and their classes are seldom repeated.


Drawing on a lifetime of teaching experience, the Fromm Institute faculty is primarily composed of retired professors from colleges/universities across the Bay Area and around the nation. It also includes some who are recognized experts in their given field. All are age peers with our students.


Freed from assigning grades and reading papers, these professors find great satisfaction in teaching people interested in learning just for learning’s sake. Furthermore, because they are encouraged to develop new courses that are of personal interest to them, the curriculum experience becomes dynamically stimulating for both the teachers and their students.

Curriculum Planning & Faculty Recruitment

After an administrative review of solicited course ideas each Spring, offers of employment are extended to those returning professors who have submitted accepted proposals. After those offers are finalized, new proposals are considered from uninitiated instructors.


Interested persons who meet the criteria for teaching college level courses at the Fromm Institute in the fine arts, humanities and sciences and who are age peers with our students are encouraged to forward their statement of interest, accompanied by their resume/cv, and a sample proposal that would illustrate a course they might present. Such materials can be sent to the Executive Director at Considered to be independent contractors, a generous honorarium is paid to all instructors midway through each session.