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Fall 2017 Faculty Presentations


On this page you can get more information about any course offered in our 2017 Fall Session and meet the professor who is teaching that topic.


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    Mon., Oct 09, 2017


    Fall 2017

    Class Begin 09/11/2017

    Class End 11/02/2017

    Make-up Week 11/06 - 9


    Winter 2018

    Class Begin 01/08/2018

    Class End 03/01/2018

    Make-up Week 03/05 - 08


    Spring 2018

    Class Begin 04/9/2018

    Class End 05/031/2018

    Make-up Week 06/04 - 07


    Classes meet at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  The Fromm Institute office is open, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



    Prof. Rothmann "T.R. to trump: Changing Nature of the American Presidency"



    Prof. Fracchia "The Beginnings of the Protestant"

    Prof. Kohn "Art if Ancient Mexico"

    Prof. Fraknoi "Exploring the Universe"

    Prof. Rosborough "A Biography of Your Garden:

    Plants Personalities, Peregrinations"





    Prof. Minninger "A Creative Writing Seminar"

    Prof. Carcieri "The Federalist Papers"

    Prof. Zelder "The Economics of Almost Everything"

    Prof. Peritz "Big, Deep & New: Recent Work in Systemic Philosophy


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