at the University of San Francisco

The Fromm Institute For Lifelong Learning


The desire to learn is the sole criterion for enrollment and Fromm Institute students attend classes merely for the satisfaction that comes from their association. As a member of Fromm Institute, our students have access to the Gleeson Library/Geschke Learning Center and enjoy the intellectual and social benefits of USF’s multi-generational college environment.


Because the Fromm Institute is a non-matriculating program where there is no grading or testing, there are no academic credits assigned. Accordingly, unlike many other educational endeavors, the Fromm Institute is not tuition based.


Fromm Institute students enroll as members of the Institute, and through that affiliation are entitled to take as many as four (4) courses each session. When enrolling, depending on the time of the year, students elect to join as an Annual Member, a Session Member or as a Scholarship Member paying the associated relative fees. Because that fee is based on a general affiliation, not on how many, or few, courses a student selects, it is never adjusted based on attendance.

Becoming a Member of the Fromm Institute

For the person who is 50 years of age, or older, and career-free, enrolling in the Fromm Institute is as simple as reviewing our current Course Catalog during the enrollment period, and as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email.


Prior to each session (Fall, Winter and Spring), during the enrollment periods (traditionally held during June, December and March) you can review the published course catalog in print or on-line.


From the numerous courses offered there, select as many as four (our membership maximum) or fewer. Then with those in mind contact the Fromm Institute’s enrollment hub via telephone or email. Provide your name, address and phone number and your choices. A confirmation of your enrollment request will be issued, and upon its receipt you can remit your membership fee or scholarship contribution, if one is due.


Because the Fromm Institute is a non-profit program, “it is the educational bargain of the century.” Student fees cover only half of the program’s expenses. Currently the membership fee for the Fromm Institute is $300 per session. In the Fall Session only, at the start of the Academic Year, members may select an Annual Membership for $850. It entitles you to enroll in all three, eight-week sessions, (Fall, Winter and Spring) and saves approximately $50. Scholarship Members must contribute some amount (whatever they can afford) to their scholarship.


USF Security Policy limits the payment of fees by credit card to in-person transactions during office hours.